What is Uni Instruments?

Uni Instruments is a handpan manufacturer from Tampere, Finland. Our purpose is to build quality instruments to as many people as possible, for a reasonable price.


How can I acquire an instrument from you?

You can sign up on our waiting list. We will contact everyone on the waiting list during the summer of 2016. We will offer our finished prototypes for sale through the list. Occasionally we will offer our instruments for sale through our web store. These kind of sales will be announced on our web page and Facebook.


What is the cost of the instruments?

 Our prototypes are priced between 1000-1400€.

Can I get a carrying case with my instrument?

Through us you can order a case with our logo from Hardcase Technologies (Evatek or Polycase) for a discount.


How is the instrument delivered?

At the moment we prefer personal pick-ups. Delivery will be considered on a case-to-case basis.